8 thoughts on “(English) Howto: install mldonkey on FreeNAS 8.0”

  1. That’s strange. If the install went in the right way you should be able to launch mlnet.

    Please check that the packages are still they same and haven’t been updated since I wrote this post: if even one of the files is missing the install will not proceed correctly.

  2. Nothing to do even with 8.0 i386. I have a question: I used two (virtual) disks in mirror zfs formatted for the storage of the FreeNAS; did you do the installation using USF as filesystem? Can this be the problem? Thanks!

  3. I used a ZFS volume, but that’s not the point. MlDonkey would be installed on the available free space on the install media (in my case it is a USB drive), not on data partitions.

    Did you try to look for the mldonkey executable by using find?

  4. for FreeNAS 8.0.4p1
    you need additional packages:

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