5 thoughts on “Matlab 7 (R14), Ubuntu 8.04 and GCC 4.x”

  1. Can you please heplp me..I still get this message:

    nable to load mex file: /media/storage/dankabuki/Matlab/toolbox/symbolic/maplemex.mexglx.
    /media/storage/dankabuki/Matlab/bin/glnx86/libmaple.so: symbol errno, version GLIBC_2.0 not defined in file libc.so.6 with link time reference
    ??? Invalid MEX-file ‘/media/storage/dankabuki/Matlab/toolbox/symbolic/maplemex.mexglx’: .

  2. It looks like you just have to recompile the file maplemex.c.

    Change the working directory to /media/storage/dankabuki/Matlab/toolbox/symbolic and issue mex maplemex.c.

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