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One thought on “Contatti

  1. il cicali

    …per quel lavoro di sistemazione caratteri…

    …vedi se può esserti utile. appena ho un pc sano lo sperimento pure io 😉

    ah, hai un problema coi captcha. credo:
    CAPTCHA Code: *
    Could not read CAPTCHA token file.
    There is a problem with the directory /si-contact-form/captcha-secureimage/captcha-temp/.
    Directory Unwritable (fix permissions). Permissions are: 0755 Fixing this may require assigning 0755 permissions or higher (e.g. 0777 on some hosts. Try 0755 first, because 0777 is sometimes too much and will not work.) Fixing the actual problem is recommended, but you can uncheck this setting on the contact form options page: “Use CAPTCHA without PHP session” and the captcha will work this way just fine (as long as PHP sessions are working).
    CAPTCHA token file is missing.


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